Miracle on Carriage House Lane

Written by Megin Potter, photos by Randall Perry Photography

If you asked Kris Kringle for the house that you’d been wishing for, what would it look like?

“I used to walk by this house with my dogs when I lived nearby, pining to own it, even though I had never been inside. I just thought it was a quintessential Saratoga home and on my favorite street in town. When the house was listed, I immediately jumped on it,” said Charlene Wood.

Today, the charming carriage house on the quaint and aptly-named Carriage House Lane is truly a dream come true.

A Vision of Elegance and Drama

The home, which was originally part of a larger estate owned by singer/songwriter Chauncey Olcott (known for melodies including “When Irish Eyes are Smiling” and “My Wild Irish Rose”), has gone through a miraculous interior transformation.

“As charming as it was, it needed a complete renovation to bring it up to the current times. We basically gutted the whole interior and then in 2018 added the conservatory, which is something I have always wanted,” said Wood.

Luckily, Wood had a bold vision and experience on her side. As the owner of Town and Country Properties and the co-owner of Silverwood Home  & Gallery, she has used her knowledge to maximize the space to make it roomy enough for entertaining while still maintaining its cozy feel.

Uquestionable Sophistication

A stylish black and white decorating scheme serves as a timeless backdrop in this home.

The striking color combination creates a contrast that causes the red accent pieces interspersed throughout to catch the eye and ignite the imagination.

A geometric black tiled floor anchors the room and gives the impression of movement, while substantial furniture pieces ground it. Soft textures, florals, and the lightness of wicker add femininity to the space and prevent it from feeling too heavy.

Windows throughout let the light and the outdoors into this home that Wood shares with James Paratore, owner of Adirondack Medical Supply.

“Jim and I really enjoy the conservatory and spend most of our relaxation time in there. We also love our outdoor spaces!”

Crisp & Clean for the Holidays

Adorning this classic decorating scheme with natural elements sets the mood for holiday happiness.

“We love decorating for the holidays and try to bring in some new ideas every year, but we also keep some of the tried and true favorites. We especially enjoy including natural materials to keep it as “authentic” as possible. Of course, the tree is real, as there is nothing that can replace that beautiful aroma. We also trim the staircase in real garland and then supplement with some good “faux” greenery, purchased at Silverwood Home & Gallery, my lifestyle shop in Saratoga Springs. Other favorite materials are evergreen boughs, pinecones (the bigger the better!), fruit embellished with cloves and of course lots of ribbon!” said Wood.

Candles set the mood and invite intimacy on wintery evenings.

“I love candlelight, especially during the holidays. It makes everything softer and more serene.”


Place to Be Forever

Stunning décor serves as an outline for the real magic of this home – the people that enjoy it.

“Jim and I love entertaining, especially around the Holidays. We enjoy hosting small dinner parties as well as larger gatherings but truly, our favorite way to enjoy the season is with our families,” said Wood.

Sleek black appliances, cabinetry and black window trim, matched against the clean white sheen of the kitchen’s ceilings and tiling create the ideal environment for seasonal celebrations.

“I LOVE having my grandsons come over to do Holiday crafts and baking. That is definitely one of my highlights every season,” said Wood.

Surrounded by a white picket fence, the iconic symbol of the American dream, this home has what we all really hope for - that within it is peace, and people whose hearts are smiling.

“The most important part of the holidays is being with our loved ones. I think we all realize that now more than ever due to our global issues. We have always tried to make our family and friends feel comfortable and at home in our home.”

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