The endless possibilities of newness and beauty for your home can bring you to a thrilling high point. And like any roller coaster, for every high there comes a steep climb to get there. It’s all worth it and, if you plan for it properly, it won’t be nearly as scary or exhausting as going in blindly. (Unless of course you are a thrill seeker, then by all means go in wild and unprepared!)

So what do you do for the climb? Prepare, prepare, prepare. No one goes camping without a pre-plan of where you will sleep, cook the food and how you will get water. The same goes for renovations, whether it is the kitchen, bathroom or bedroom, adjustments will need to be made.

But there is always a solution, so nothing to fear.

Life will be different…

For small space renovations with a short timeline, you can live with the discomfort a little easier knowing it won’t be long. Example: Your family of five will be down one bathroom, so you need to add a couple extra towel hooks to the bathroom with the shower you will all be sharing and add a caddy for extra items that can be rotated out with ease. If you are tripping over one another for four weeks, you can deal with it seeing the end in sight.

For larger space renovations with fluctuating timelines and more opportunities for chaos, the more planning and home management solutions will be needed to keep the peace. You want to get to the end of an eight-month renovation and still want to live with your family!

One more suggestion to keep your sanity during a home renovation: Take the projected timeline and multiply it by two. Chances are it will NOT take twice as long. But, if the projection is three months, and you mentally budget for six you won’t be upset when it ends at four.  


For the larger renovations, look at the solution from a few different angles:

1. Is there an opportunity to create a makeshift solution in another space?

Example: There will be no kitchen sink, but there is a large utility sink in the laundry room you could use to wash dishes.

2. Is there an opportunity to outsource a routine household task?

Example: There will be no laundry room, so you can find a laundry service that will pick up and drop off at your front door?

3. Can you reduce the time in the home during the renovation?

Example: Hardwood floors are being refinished, plan your yearly trip to the lake during this time so you are out of the house.

Other factors not to be overlooked:

1. What season of the year will it be and is temperature a concern (no windows for a month) or a benefit (you can grill outside)?

2. Are there animals in the house that need to be accommodated? Relocate a cat to the basement or board a dog during the days when it is loud?

3. Can you leverage this renovation time as a great time to create a clean slate and purge those unwanted/expired items? Or do you need to rent a storage unit and box up items, so they don’t get dusty or damaged?


There are always solutions. It’s just a matter of being proactive and not reactive. Creating a smooth renovation plan will ensure deeper enjoyment and appreciation of the end product. 

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