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{From the 2024 Spring magazine}

Written by Colleen Coleman of CMC Design Studio LLC

I can’t complain, this winter season has been quite mild in comparison. I am so ready to open my pool early again this year and enjoy all the benefits of the warm weather starting early in upstate NY. So…you know what that means! Time to prepare for Spring!! Spruce Up, clean out the cobwebs, pack up that Christmas Tree (I know there’s some out there… I’ve seen them!) and let’s add some warm and fuzzy goodies to our interior environments!

For starters, Earl B. Feiden’s is featuring the new GE Profile UltraFast Combo with Ventless Heat Pump Technology Washer/Dryer. Yes, wash and dry your clothes without ever moving them from one machine to another. Talk about increasing your efficiency! For all my readers who leave home and work in an office, you can actually put your clothes in the machine before you leave and just give a quick fluff in the Dewrinkle cycle before folding when you get home. Where was this much needed washer and dryer combo when I was running around with 3 kids in sports! As a bonus, this machine boasts the Adaptive SmartDispense™, meaning, the soap dispenser will hold enough detergent for up to 36 loads. Plus, scan the barcode on the detergent bottle with the SmartHQ™ app and the washer will dispense the right amount based on the type of detergent. Blows my mind! How much easier can laundry get!

Onto Cooking, especially as we enter the season of entertaining both inside and out! The Thermador 36” Pro Harmony Liberty Induction Range caught my eye after hearing it won the highly sought after CES 2024 Innovation Award for its overall engineering and functionality, as well as its features, aesthetics, and innovative design. The oven boasts modes such as Bake, Convection Bake, Convection Broil, Roast, Special baking setting, True Convection and includes 3, yes three, telescoping racks. The Liberty Induction cooktop offers 3 large, flexible cooking zones with the technology used in the Thermador induction cooktop introduced several years back. HeatShift® divides the cooktop surface into three preset heat zones which allows the user to change the power level simply by moving your pot or pan. For example, you can transition from sauté to simmer simply by shifting your pan. Conversely, MoveMode® allows you to move your pot across the surface and the heat setting moves with your pan. And PowerBoost® increases the power by up to 50%, saving time to heat up pots or boil water quicker. And not to worry, this marvel of a range is offered in four sizes, 30”, 36”, 48” and a grand 60”. What’s not to like?

Earl B. Feiden Appliance
1771 U.S. 9, Clifton Park | 518-383-2215

785 U.S. 9, Latham | 518-785-8555


Accents at Allerdice (Malta location only) is gushing with seasonal decorative items including baby clothes and accessories. Did I tell you I became a “Nani”? My beautiful granddaughter is one lucky girl... each time I head to Accents... seems they always have something she needs! Like this adorable Warmie Chick! You can heat it in the microwave, then place it in the baby’s bed to warm their sleeping spot. The interior fresh-dried lavender adds a natural soothing scent. When you lay your precious bundle down, it’s like they’ve never left your arms. And with many sizes available in the shop now, you can even keep a small one in the freezer at all times for those booboo moments that need a little extra fluffy lovin’. Another great find is Camilla the Caterpillar. This handcrafted, colorfully painted planter is made from repurposed materials. She holds up to three plants or flower pots and comes in a variety of colors. Camilla is great for adorning the interior as well as adding character to your favorite porch or patio area. With several different sculptures to choose from, there’s surely one that suites your size or fancy…Makes a great gift as well! 

Accents at Allerdice 
2570 U.S. 9, Malta | 518-899-6222

Just down the street at Finishing Touches, they have the best Garden in a Bag gift. These complete-to-grow kits come in a leak-proof bag and include seeds, soil, coconut husks for drainage and hand-tied ribbon directions to finish the package. The Mom collection comes with Dwarf Zinnias, some of my yearly favs, that are easy to grow with multiple, bold colored blossoms that last from Spring to Autumn. These are seasonal, so pick up your favorite before they’re all gone! And for the interior, what says Spring better than a sweet Lumbar Bird Pillow crowned with whistling robins and newly budding branches atop a soft cotton case with large wooden buttons. Great for a sofa accent or the covered front porch lounge chair. Finishing Touches has many sizes in stock to chose from…come take your pick before they all fly away!

Finishing Touches Home Decor 
450 E High Street, Ballston Spa

Spring is just around the corner, be sure to head over to your local shops for all your décor needs. Put down that phone app and take a ride…Let’s make 2024 the best local shopping year ever! 

Until next time my friends,

Colleen Coleman of CMC Design Studio LLC
Certified Kitchen & Bath Designer
Certified Aging in Place 
True Color Expert
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