If you find yourself longing for a more nostalgic, old-time, ‘country’ kind of shopping spree this holiday season—someplace peaceful, inviting, and steeped in the magic and majesty of the Adirondack Mountains—be sure to visit the Adirondack Country Store in Northville. The store’s new owner, Kerry O’Hara, can’t wait to welcome you and show you around her charming shop. 


Located in a quaint Victorian home at 252 N. Main Street, the Adirondack Country Store offers an array of intriguing gifts for everyone on your list. Rustic home décor items, hand-crafted furniture, candles, glassware, artwork, jewelry, books, clothing, CDs and more await you at this thriving 30+ year old establishment. And, with one entire room dedicated year-round to Christmas, it’s the perfect place to ramp up your holiday excitement!  

Prior to assuming ownership of the store last April, Kerry had been a loyal customer. She and her partner, Matt, began vacationing in Northville six years ago when their daughter, Gracie, was just a year old. “We’d come up at least once a year,” she recalls, “and after COVID hit, we started coming up twice a year. I fell in love with Northville on our very first trip. The village reminded me of Hopewell Junction in Dutchess County, where I grew up, and being here made me feel like I’d stepped back in time 40 years. I loved being in the mountains, surrounded by the splendor of nature and the slower pace of life, and the idea of raising Gracie in this environment really beckoned to me.”

Shopping at the Adirondack Country Store quickly became a cherished family tradition. “Whenever we visited, we’d stop in on the way to our rental to let Gracie get a new book for the week and a new pair of pajamas. I would treat myself to a new lotion, too. I absolutely loved the place.”

Before becoming a Northville shopkeeper, Kerry worked for 23 years in the mortgage industry downstate as an operations manager for one of the top three reverse lenders in the industry. “It was a start-up, and I was the third employee and helped to build the company,” she explains. “We went from start-up to top five lenders in two years, and after six years we were in the top three.”

Although Kerry enjoyed her career, she increasingly worried that her grueling work schedule might negatively impact her daughter. “When Gracie was born, I didn’t even take my full maternity leave, much as I would have liked to, because of the impact it would have had on the business. I’ve got a strong work ethic, and I’ve always worked a lot of hours. Since COVID, our company’s volume had tripled, and I was working 16-hour days. I knew I needed to make changes in my work life in order to be more present in Gracie’s upbringing.”

Secretly, Kerry had always dreamed of having her own business and being her own boss. “When I was 11 years old and my family vacationed in Rhode Island, I fell in love with all the small, touristy shops. Ever since then, I’ve dreamed of having a small shop of my own.”

Throughout her career, Kerry had frequently been told that, as a workaholic who gave 200% to her job, she really should be in business for herself. And every time she heard those words, they resonated deeply. When she heard that Joyce Teshoney, who’d created the Adirondack Country Store in 1988, was retiring and selling her business, Kerry intuitively sensed that the Northville shop was the place she’d been dreaming about for decades. When the two women met in person, they connected instantly, sensing they were kindred spirits. Ultimately, Joyce became as eager to see Kerry assume ownership of ‘her baby’ as Kerry was to take it on.  

Since purchasing the shop, Kerry has worked tirelessly to stock a diverse and intriguing selection of North Country merchandise. She meets regularly with local artists and artisans to discuss showcasing their works in her space, and she continues the original owner’s tradition of offering a year-round series of special events. Events this year have included appearances by local author and historian Don Williams, glassware artist Cherie Batcher, and artist/art teacher Cheryl Bielli.  

“My daughter loves when we have artisans come in to demonstrate their work,” Kerry beams. “Gracie has always been super artistic and creative, and she loves to draw and paint. There are so many talented people in this area, and I hope to carry even more of their unique creations in the future: everything from handmade soaps, jewelry, and dog biscuits to cards, wall hangings and rustic furniture! I want to carry as many locally sourced, American-made goods as I can. I love being able to help customers find the perfect gift or décor for their home or camp, and our customer service can’t be beat.”

Kerry O’Hara is thrilled that her dream of being her own boss and running her own business in a cozy, close-knit community has finally come true. “There were so many little signs along the way, giving me constant reassurance that this was my destiny. I wanted to give Gracie something I had always wished for, and I wanted this to be an option for her future, if she loves it as much as I do. The town has been so warm and welcoming, and Gracie, Matt, and I absolutely love being here. We couldn’t be happier.”

At the shop’s upcoming Holiday Open House on Saturday, December 3rd from 11-2, artist Pam Ackerknecht will be on hand, painting and personalizing Christmas ornaments. So, be sure to stop by and meet Kerry, watch an artist in action, enjoy some mulled cider, and savor the old-time aura of the Adirondack Country Store!  

To learn more, visit www.AdirondackCountryStore.com; 252 N. Main Street, Northville; 518: 863-6056. 

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