I'm not sure about you, but I love the state of New York and I travel through its many counties every chance I have. No matter which direction I choose to drive, I discover more beautiful places to enjoy. So, whether you're looking to take a road trip alone, head out with a few girlfriends, or feel 100% spoiled on a romantic getaway for a couple, there are plenty of destinations to fit the bill.

Take Genesee County, for instance. I visited the area a few weeks ago and found many fantastic treasures I'd never been to. I ran into several girlfriends traveling together and couples celebrating anniversaries there. It's also a great place to bring the family (don't worry, there's a story for that later this year.)

Indian Falls Restaurant Waterfalls

Having lunch at Indian Falls Log Cabin Restaurant was a must for me, as I'd heard there was a waterfall I could sit next to on their outside patio. I'm always chasing waterfalls wherever I go, and New York has some amazing ones, but I hadn't seen this one before. Honestly, I wasn't even thinking about the food tasting good – I just wanted to relax with a drink and listen to the sounds of nature for a while. 

Don't worry; the menu options are extensive, and everything sounded delightful. Try the ribs if you go – the meat was tender, fell off the bone, and tasted a little bit like Heaven. The porch off the back of the building was screened in, the windows were open, and I was happy to hear the water rushing by as I enjoyed my meal. The inside room and bar were huge, lit up with strings of lights throughout, making it easy to picture a romantic dinner later in the evening.

Indian Falls Restaurant 

Those ribs, though...

A few miles away, Two Eagles Smoke Shop and Gas Mart was the perfect place to fill up and browse through the gift shop, which the owners had filled with candles, incense, Native artwork, jewelry, and other items. It's a great place to buy more one-of-a-kind gifts than run-of-the-mill. Seeing that Christmas is right around the corner, I marked a few names off my list.

Country Cottage Barn

Heading to my hotel for the night, I found this wonderful place on the side of the road called The Country Cottage. The property is comprised of clever little cottage shops with home and garden décor set in the middle of flower and water gardens. I was speechless – it was that beautiful. The owners told me they began with one barn in the '80s. When that burned down, they rebuilt and just kept adding. Seriously, it's like a little village in the middle of nowhere, but easy to find with your car's GPS. I want to go back during the holidays – I bet the holiday decorations and lights are heartwarming!

Country Cottage Gardens

Country Cottage Merch

River Spring Lodge

River Spring Lodge is a gorgeous country inn that makes you feel special from the moment you turn into the driveway. I caught sight of the private pond with Adirondack chairs grouped around the dock and manicured lawn and felt instantly at home. 

Owners Dave and Carolyn have adorned their seven guest suites with tasteful furniture and artwork, thoughtfully designed to offer total comfort and privacy. I decided to stay here to recharge – the last few years have been super tough on all of us; I needed a tranquil and calm place for the night.

During COVID, meals were served in each guest suite because of social distancing. Carolyn told me people enjoyed eating in their room so much that she and Dave continued the new tradition – even when people were allowed to gather again. Breakfast is served in your room between 8-10 a.m., a great way to wake up and greet the day! Amazingly, you choose your five-course dinner from the menu ahead of time, and Carolyn delivers it in stages – just like at a restaurant. Indeed, it was wonderful to eat at a table in my suite, with candles and wine – in my pajamas! I felt like a princess. Close your eyes and think a second; Can you see a romantic dinner in your future?

River Spring Lodge Porkchop

Yummy Dessert

From there, I traveled to Batavia. What a charming town, filled with retail shops like Batavia Bootery, Charles Men's Shop, Valle Jewelers, plenty of restaurants, coffee shops, a toy store from the early 1900s, art, and more. I saw people wander in and out of landmark buildings, carrying bags of items they'd bought. (Believe me, I went home with a few of my own!)

Eli Fish Brewing Company in Jackson Square

Located inside Batavia's old J.J. Newberry building, I was happy to share lunch with a friend at Eli Fish Brewing Company. I love craft beer and treated myself to a flight the waitress chose for me, which included a new one they had just started featuring. 

There was a J. J. Newberry in Franklin, Mass, where I grew up, so I was impressed with how the owner, Matt Gray, took care to preserve the old feel of the place while updating the structure simultaneously. 

The brewery is on the bottom floor, dining and Bocce courts are on the 2nd floor, apartments are on the 3rd floor, and Jackson Square – a place to celebrate hip music and community events, sits right outside the back door. We sat at our table, enjoying their Tennessee Honey Chicken Sandwich special, drinking beers, and catching up on life. It was great!

Beer Flight from Eli Fish

The bar at Eli Fish

 VivIFY Hydration - Photo Provided

After lunch, I drove about two minutes down the street to VivIFY Hydration Lounge & Medispa. What a treat! I had read a few things about IV hydration but didn't really know what to expect. After FNP-C and owner Michelle Maniace reviewed my history – things like recent exhaustion, trouble sleeping, and brain fog – she suggested a concoction of vitamins and minerals to clean out toxins and improve my symptoms. She recommended Dr. Myer’s t. After she explained the treatment and its benefits, I went for it. I didn't feel any different that day, but after a good night's sleep, I began to feel more energetic and clear-headed – a feeling that continued for the next several days.  

I sat in the main room while there, but private VIP rooms are also available. I'm going to visit again with friends, and I can totally picture couples enjoying an hour of relaxation together during the hydration process.

VivIFY Private Room - Photo Provided

If you want to experience a great time alone, with gal pals or your significant other, head to the hotel at Batavia Downs Gaming. It's a fantastic place to stay overnight, enjoy a great dinner, and maybe win some money at the slots while you're there. I made an early reservation to eat my meal and bet on the first few harness races at the Clubhouse and Rail Bar – I wanted to enjoy both before it got too dark. I won a little money, enjoyed a drink with my salad, and then headed downstairs to the machines. It felt a little like Saratoga, which made me happy.

Art & Food at Batavia Downs

Self Care Shop

The wonderful thing about long weekend getaways is you don't need to rush. I could take my time and enjoy everything I wanted to do during my time on the road. You might like to stop in the Self-Care Shop in LeRoy. It's a new shop that offers yoga, meditation, private reiki sessions, clothing, jewelry, and so many crystals it was hard for me to pick just a few! The owner was there, and she was a delight to talk to – make sure you spend a few minutes learning about her business; the evolution of her company is fascinating.

Le Roy House Museum

Many of my friends (girls and guys) love museums as much as I do. If this is the case for you, check out the Historic Leroy House. The mansion-turned-museum is bursting with over 100 years of history. It was built in 1822 by Jacob Leroy and later owned by the Chancellor of Ingham University – the 1st female university in the United States to grant a four-year degree! I loved the cellar – which showcased Charlotte Leroy's original 1820s open-hearth kitchen.

Cold Storage Cellar at the Leroy House

On my last night, I chose to stay at Farmer's Creekside Tavern & Inn so I could explore more of the area before heading home. I booked a suite on the 2nd floor, which was spacious and comfortable. The floors in the bathroom were heated (think winter!). It was everything I thought it would be – and then some. The owners remodeled and expanded the rooms in this nearly 200-year-old property after a fire nearly destroyed it in 2004. They kept the timeless beauty of the place alive in ways I could see throughout the building. Downstairs you'll find their tavern, a cozy restaurant and bar, with outside dining overlooking the water. It's a perfect girlfriend or couple's getaway – and you can even call to book all five suites if there's a family reunion, wedding party, romantic occasion, or another event where you want total privacy. 

Look, I love road trips – it might take a few hours to get from point A to B, but I can veer off the main roads and see things I might not see otherwise. New York is impressive – I hope you'll jump in your car for a day or two, exploring the highways and byways yourself. The miles will be worth the memories! 

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